Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Weekend at Petit Jean

Being the adventurous, outdoor people that we are, the family set off Friday afternoon for a one night stay on top of Petit Jean Mountain. We were particularly curious to see how Lauren would do since this was her first tent camping experience. Let's just say next time, it'd be nicer to have a slightly bigger tent ~ 2 adults, 1 child, and 1 dog are kind of close quarters for a 7" by 7" tent. We went as part of a group from church and had a great time fellowshipping and getting to know each other better. Here are some pictures from this weekend, and if any one that's been blogging longer than me can tell me how to post more than 4 pictures on one post, I'd appreciate it, and I'm sure you would too, since you'd only have to read one post that way instead of the 4 or so you'll have to read today :) Also, since I'm asking questions today, how do you prefer captions to pictures? At the top of the picture or the bottom? I'm going to go with the bottom today since I've already posted this paragraph up here. Seriously, after just reading the last couple of sentences, why do you people continue to read this blog? :)
At Petit Jean's grave site ~ we made it to the park program (where Jeremy was Petit Jean's sweetheart Chavet and yours truly was Petit Jean for the interactive part of the program - what can I say? We have friends that really love to volunteer us.) I'll post a couple of pictures from that lovely acting experience later.
Lauren listening intently to Park Guide B.T. telling about one of the legends of how the mountain got its name.
Lauren totally doubting what the Park Guide just told her.
2 blue eyed children. These 2 are about 5 and 1/2 weeks apart and have such a love-hate relationship! Most of the time, they're best friends, but once they hit their breaking point, that's it.


Amy said...

Are you resizing the pictures before uploading them? When I post pics, it only lets my upload 5 at a time (by clicking on add another image) then I click the "add image" button again to add more. I usually resize the pics to conserve space on Blogger (you get about a gig). I'm not sure if that answers you ques. or not, but I hope it helps.