Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just a few more

Perhaps my most favorite picture of the afternoon.

I wonder what all a 2 year old has to say to a bunny rabbit. She's probably asking it if it's friends with the 3 that visit our backyard at night.

I really wanted to take this little goat home. I think it was a baby pygmy goat, but it was so very soft and sweet! I'm sure Buddy would have loved another pet!

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Phillips Family said...

I love the pigtails! I cannot believe how big she has gotten!

Also I noticed that she was holding "The Man with the Yellow Hat" in one picture...glad to see she hasn't let up on her curious george fascination!

Lines from Leanne said...

Tell me about it! Is this how life is supposed to go? Weren't we just asking where our time went and how we could be so old, and now it's amazing how much faster time is flying with children in the mix!

And yes, we still love Dorge and Lellow Hat around here.