Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last one I promise

I love these 2 candid pictures of Lauren!

I can't post pictures and not include one of Buddy having a good time too.
And the winner of the most unusual picture all weekend is here:
I can't believe someone would actually tattoo E.T. on their leg, but wow, that's all I can say..wow.


Joanna Ashlock said...

I LOVE reading your blog! Lauren is SOOOO adorable and I love the picture of her and Jansen "breaking up". You really entertain in the way you write and bring a smile to anyone who reads it. Keep it up!!


Phillips Family said...

I love the pictures!

Email me--or call during naptime one afternoon--and I will tell you how to put many pictures in one post.

I am quite confused by the ET tattoo myself!

Phillips Family said...

Happy 29th Birthday (a day late!)!
Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!

Sarah said...

You were showing such promise with your blog. WHERE ARE YOU?! ;-)

Amy said...

True, true! Never thought the title of this post was a foreshadowing... We miss you!