Monday, March 31, 2008

We're a Real Animal Kingdom around Here

So apparently, my child has developed an imagination and is starting to use it. At some point today, Lauren was being chased by a rogue "turtle" that found its way into the house. She came to the kitchen to tell Jeremy and me about being chased by the turtle and then turned around and yelled into the living room "no turtle, go away!" Clearly amused, Jeremy and Lauren went on a turtle-hunting mission through the house to rid us of the nuisance. This involved much running and yelling, because this particular turtle was of the extremely fast-moving variety. The turtle was finally apprehended, and Jeremy threw the turtle out the back door with an admonition to not come back. Sure enough, the turtle listened and didn't come back. However, not two minutes later, Lauren came running back into the living room from her bedroom with her little hands high in the air..."Daddy, help me get rid of these two chipmunks, please." Clearly, it is a jungle around here y'all.


Heather said...

That is hilarious! We have not had a chipmunk or turtle problem, but the boys are always shooting deer in the house and bringing them to me to cook! We also have a baby shark that lives in the boys bathroom sink drain. Where do they get this stuff?! :D

Phillips Family said...

Hopefully the jungle did not attack your family and y'all are still around!