Monday, March 24, 2008

These are My Peeps

For Easter this year, the only thing Lauren asked the Easter Bunny for was a Peep - which she later changed to 2 Peeps. This video is her telling me how the Easter Bunny was going to find her at Mimi and Pappaw's house. She got way more than the one Peep by the way. Apparently, the Easter Bunny rewards such humble requests.

Diligently decorating Easter eggs.

Teddy Grahams - can you believe it!?


Easter Morning Innocence

Y'all don't think he loves her do you?

Pretty fly for a white girl!

I love this kid! (my brother)

These are my peeps!


Phillips Family said...

Hope that girl got some Peeps because I would hate to see the consequences should her sweet request have been denied!

Amy said...

Did your dresses coordinate? It was hard to tell for certain, but you both looked adorable nontheless :-) Oh, and J looked very nice too!

Leanne said...

We actually succombed this year and all coordinated - which was actully kind of fun! :)