Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Y'all or My Husband Has Mad Skillz with Power Tools

Since Halloween is tonight, I thought it only right that I share a few pictures of our trip to the pumpkin patch and our jack-o-lantern this year. I love Halloween, and by the end of tomorrow, we will have been to 5 different Halloween events over the last few days - yippee! I'll try to upload a few pictures soon of Lauren in her "plain old ghost" costume - which is exactly what she chose and how she kept telling us what she wanted to be for Halloween, even after much talk from Mommy and Daddy to try to change her mind. She is of course, a sweet ghost, which she will also tell you, and had we not found the design we made our pumpkin into this year, Jeremy would have been carving yet another ghost pumpkin...thankfully, she changed her mind with a little prodding from us. Although, yesterday as we were setting our pumpkins out, she told me she wished she had a ghost pumpkin. I wish I knew where the fondness for ghosts has come from. One of these days, many years from now, she will look back and be amazed at the lengths her father went to for her to have a super-cool pumpkin this year. Anyway, since we're having a party here tonight, I'd best get on with the posting so that I can finish the cooking and cleaning. Happy Halloween Y'all!!

I absolutely love my child's face in this picture!

Picking out her pumpkin.

Trying to get the monstrosity that is our family pumpkin home safely. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest pumpkin we've ever had. Kudos to my sweet mom for making sure the pumpkin was just as safe as the rest of the family.

The finished product...I'm still amazed at it. I think this is one of my favorite pumpkins ever!

I think Lauren likes it too.

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Phillips Family said...

I am beyond amazed at this pumpkin! It should be the hit of the street tonight.

Can't wait to see Lauren as a ghost!

Traci said...

That is an amazing pumpkin. Lauren was a very sweet and nice ghost!